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back pain


Back pain is a very common musculoskeletal condition that we treat at Worsley Physio Clinic which is common in the general public as well as amongst runners. The back can be injured by poor posture and movement patterns, overloading it during running or more commonly a combination of all of the above.

Often poor Core Stability is a factor.

Our Physiotherapists are able to diagnose the condition and will treat the cause of the problem using exercises primarily. These may be to stretch tight muscles and strengthen any weak muscles particularly around the deeper core area.

They may also use massage skills to release any tightness in the back or hip. Sometimes it will be necessary to manipulate the back to reduce pain or increase movement.

Physiotherapists may use acupuncture to release tight muscles and relieve pain. The problem will usually settle with a gradual return to training accompanied by a Core Stability exercise programme. Our Physio-led Pilates classes are designed specifically for the management and prevention of lower back pain by improving control around the hips, back and pelvis.  See more information about Pilates here

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