As well as a one-to-one treatment service, we also hold regular classes that equip our clients with the knowledge and techniques to improve their condition and performance on a day-to-day basis, as well as complementing their ongoing rehabilitation or training programmes. Classes run on a weekly basis, with a maximum of 12 participants in each session, ensuring plenty of personal attention.



We have a variety of services: Physiotherapy treatments, training and classes that we believe are competitively priced. Whilst our top priority is helping our clients back to full fitness, we know the importance of good value for money. Here at our clinics, we consider customer health and satisfaction above all else.


Pilates Classes

Please view our timetable and book your class here :


£9.00 PER CLASS or

£45  6 x 1 hour classes)

 Pilates Classes are paid for in advance, PAY AS YOU GO or purchase a package of six classes which you can book flexibly. We currently offer a maximum of 12 participants in each class in order to provide a greater level of attention from your Physiotherapist Teacher. 


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