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Professional Athlete?  Amateur Footballer? 
Keen Hockey, Netball, Tennis or Rugby Player?  Dancer?

Regardless of your activity or level of participation, spending time out injured can be devastating.  Our Athlete Screening tool consists of a comprehensive range of muscle strength, endurance and muscle length tests specific to your chosen sport/activity.  This will enable us to identify any potential injury risk factors.   

Once we have completed your individual assessment, we will provide you with an exercise programme tailored to your results to not only reduce your injury risk, but also to maximise your performance. 

Screening can be undertaken at any time, but you may want to consider screening before the start of your sporting season, if you are training for a major event such as a marathon, or if you are commencing a new training programme.  Our screening tool also acts as a great baseline measure to highlight effectiveness of training programmes and as a return to play marker should injuries occur.  

NB:  Group injury screening also available for clubs/teams.  Contact the clinic on 01617029474 for more information.  

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